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If my house was burning down and I had to grab one thing- It would be my journals. Hands down. Not because they have recorded my daily comings and goings and every detail of my life. My journal has become a place of worship. A place to praise, to worship, to cry out to God, to spill my heart out to Him, to process and to record His faithfulness and goodness to me. It’s a place to write down Scripture, quotes and lessons the Lord is teaching me,for me to doodle and take sermon notes, and express creativity through pen and paper.

My hope here, it to share little excerpts of His faithfulness through my journaling. It’s not about perfect handwriting or calligraphy, or a creative Instagram picture, or picturesque place for quiet time with the Lord. Often times, my journaling happens either late at night or during nap time while the little girls I nanny for are sleeping. Usually it’s with a cup of coffee at my side and a worship playlist playing in the back ground. It’s simple. Yet, I cherish these times with the Lord. IMG_2164

I hope that these posts here inspire you to start journaling too. It is so precious to me, to look back in the three years that I have consistently journaled and seen Jesus’ work in my life! Imagine 10 years from now! How encouraging it will be! I pray that you too will be able to take this opportunity at start journalling for yourself! Even if it’s just writing down verses or prayer IMG_1603requests, it is so comforting to look back and see the Lord working even in the valleys and trials when we thought He is so far away. He is nearer than our next breath. We can cry and pour out our hearts to Him. He is here. He’s ready to listen. He can handle it. He’s God. 🙂


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