10846366_10206216687807292_570257702104607302_n Hello! Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read my blog. I pray that you are encouraged by the words that are posted here. I’m Mariah. I am a girl who is broken by sin but is being transformed by the power of the Gospel. In and of myself, I am an enemy of God. I want to rule my own kingdom. I want to control and I want all the glory. Yet, even in my sin and rebellion, I was being pursued by Jesus. Relentlessly pursued. I look back and I seen how even in my wandering the Lord- the Hound of Heaven, was after my soul. He gave me His life so that I may have life and freedom. He didn’t just pursue me to save me, but He is continuing to pursue His people. He is after our hearts. This is blog is an open journal (if you will) of this relentless pursuit with Jesus and how He continues to win my heart.

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A few things I love:
The Gospel.
Mint nail polish.
All things fall.
French-pressed coffee.
Travel and exploring new places.
Wide-open spaces (aka. The Mid-West)
Meeting new people.
Latte art.

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