adventure is out there… well, not exactly.

“we may earnestly desire to be patient and holy. but we may be missing the fact that it is here where we happen to be at this moment and not in another place or another time that we may learn to love HIM– here where it seems HE is not at work, where HIS will seems obscure or frightening, where HE is not doing what we expected HIM to do, where HE is [seemingly] most absent. here any nowhere else is the appointed place. if faith does not go to work here, it will not go to work at all.”

-elisabeth elliot

Despite what it seems or how it feels, this is a perfectly, appointed time, place and season. This is not a mistake. This is not left to random chance or circumstance. This season is part of the story and this part is necessary.

Adventure is out there…. well, not exactly. It’s here and now. In this moment. It is here and nowhere else that I am to….serve HIM….. to trust HIM…. to follow HIM…to believe HIM… to worship HIM…to surrender to HIM… to love HIM.

Even in the barren wilderness when it feels as if all is lost….

Even when His ways are not the ones we would have liked or chosen for ourselves…

Even when we can’t see the way ahead of us and fear of the unknown rises within us…

Even when following Him means bearing up our crosses and dying to our agendas, plans and dreams…

Even in unbearable loss, pain and unanswered questions…

Even when He seems most quiet and inactive…

It is HERE and ONLY HERE that we will learn to love Him.

It’s not another day and time. Not another location or career or task.

The adventure of loving Jesus is here and for the taking.

He bids us to follow HIM. To rest in His leading and trust His heart.

Even in the seasons that we can’t decipher His purposes in them…

He bids us to follow Him. Take the next step that’s ahead of you and rest in who He is and what He has promised.

He is faithful and true… He will never relent being just that.

The current circumstances that you may find yourself in today- isn’t happenstance.

It has God-appointed purpose.

Love Him… even through the tears, through the unknowns, through the heartache, through the trials and pain, through the uncertainty.

It’s here and nowhere else that we may learn to love Him.

So love Him my dear friends. Love Him.

Adventure is here and nowhere else.


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