This Too Is In His Hands…

If I believe that my God parted the Red Sea, brought dead men to life, healed the blind and lame, fed thousands and conquered nations (using the weakest and most unlikely of men and women, I might add) Then what is my situation to God Almighty? Why do I think that though He has been faithful to the multitudes- this time He won’t be to me? When I look inward to myself, my situation seems too difficult, too complicated, too complex, too big for Him. Why do I forfeit such perfect peace? Truth is, I’d rather wallow in worry and in the fear of the unknown than look to Jesus for my strength and help.

“Father, keep me from the narcissistic thought that my situation is the exception and it is too mighty for You to handle. Forgive me from thinking that the circumstances of my life are better and safer in my hands than in Yours. Nothing is too difficult or out of Your Sovereign control. Nothing is lost on You or forgotten by You. It is me, that sees things being either big or small- not You. You are my ever present Help, my Stronghold and Refuge in times of chaos, fear and danger. You are the Lifter of my head and the Upholder of my life. Teach me, dear Lord, to see life’s situations as You do. You are still reigning regardless of the unexplained violence in Charleston, court rulings, and the hatred of different skin colors and people groups. You are still on Your Throne even through the deepest heartache and darkest night. Make my heart believe that because I have You- I lack nothing. Remind me that Your love is enough and that it can never be withdrawn from me. Teach my heart to know the unexplained peace that only comes from communion with You. Not my will, but Yours be done. Not my kingdom come, but Yours. Regardless of the circumstances, let my heart say, (though it may tremble and my voice shake)  “This too is in Your hands and under Your control.” I need not fear when the waters rise, when doubt assails, when I feel overwhelmed and alone. When You are silent and it seems that You must have forgotten. You are the Faithful, Mighty God of Abraham, of Moses, David, Job, Ester, Ruth, Isaiah, and Paul. You are the God that leads Your people by clouds and fire. You divide waters and demolish strong cities with shouts and trumpet blasts. You bring dry bones to life. You redeem the prodigal and wanderer. You beautify the ugly. You restore the wasted years eaten  by locusts. You are the God of overflowing mercy, unending faithfulness and unfailing Love. Everything that You say You are- is completely true. No if and or buts. You are who You say You are. You can be trusted. You aren’t just the God of the saints of old but You are my God! Your Presence dwells and fills me. I do not need to fear the unknowns in this life. Everything is known by You. I am secure. I am safe. Whatever may come…. it too is in His Hands. Rest, dear heart. He has overcome the word. I need not be afraid.”

“Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy. Peace does not dwell in outward things, but in the heart prepared to wait trustfully and quietly on Him who has all things safely in His hands.”

{Elisabeth Elliot}


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