Breakfast at Spurgeons- No. 1- Songs in the Night

“Religion is not a thing merely for your intellect; a thing to prove your own talent upon, by making a syllogism on it; it is a thing that demands your faith. As a messenger of heaven, I demand that faith; if you do not choose to give it, on your own head be doom, if there is such; if there be not, you are prepared to risk it. But I have done my duty; I have told you the truth; that is enough, and there I leave it. O Christian, instead of disputing, let me tell thee how to prove your religion. Live it out! Live it out! Give thee external as well as internal evidence; give the external evidence of your own life. You are sick; there is your neighbor, who laughs at religion; let him come into your house . When he was sick, he said, “O send for the doctor;” and there he was fretting, and fuming, and whining, and making all manner of noises. When you are sick, send for him; tell him that you are resigned to the Lord’s will; that you will kiss the chastening rod; that you will take the cup, and drink it, because your Father gives it. You need not make a boast of this, or it will lost all its power; but do it because you cannot help but doing it. Your neighbor will say, “There is something in that.” And when you come to the borders of the grave- he was there once, and you heard how he shrieked, and how frightened he was- give him your hand, and say to him, “Ah! I have a Christ that will do to die by; I have a religion that will make me sing in the night.” Let him hear how you sings, “Victory! Victory! Victory!” Through Him that loved you. I tell you, we may preach fifty thousand sermons to prove the Gospel, but we shall not prove it half so well as you will through singing in the night. Keep a cheerful frame; keep a happy heart; keep a contented spirit; keep your eye up, and your heart aloft, and you will prove Christianity better than all the wise men that ever lived. Give them an analogy of a holy life, and then you will prove religion to them; give them the evidence of internal piety, developed externally, and you will give the best possible proof of Christianity. Try and sing songs in the night; for they are so rare, that if though canst sing them, thou wilt honor thy God, and bless thy friends.”

{Charles Haddon Spurgeon}

excerpt of “Songs in the Night”

preached at New Park Chapel, Southwark, England

February 27,1888

Read the entire sermon here


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