Betrayed and Arrested

I came across this devotional a few weeks back on She Reads Truth. In light of Good Friday, I wanted to share an excerpt with you all. Thank you, Ellie Holcomb for beautifully articulating such weighty, painful, yet glorious Truth. To read the original post in its entirety (I highly recommend it)  click here.11126953_10206783257891190_1831447374_n

“He suffered for us, so we could know that we never face betrayal or any sort of suffering alone. Emmanuel, God with us. Let’s take our pain, our breaking hearts, our anger, our questions, and all the things in life that make us feel powerless and helpless to Him today.
He was arrested so we could be set free.
He was deserted so we could know we’re never alone.
He was betrayed so we could be held in the arms of Love.” -Ellie Holcomb

(excerpt from She Reads Truth devotional “Betrayed and Arrested” by Ellie Holcomb)


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